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Plush toy exhibition

30 May

All the completed plush toys made at the workshops during Situation Leeds are in an exhibition in the Merrion Market. Here they are….

Montage-of-plush toy exhibition

‘Maisy’ by Sophie Strong

'Maisy' by Sophie Strong

‘Dave the rave tape mouse’ by Gemma Fozzard

'Dave' by Gemma Fozzard

‘Marky Marky’ by Mark Pembrey

'Marky Mark' by Mark Pembrey

‘Carl’ by Gemma Fozzard

'Carl' by Gemma Fozzard

‘Handy’ by Alicia

'Handy' by Alicia

‘Love Slugrat’ by Alicia

'Love Slugrat' by Alicia

‘King’ by Hamish Lloyd-Platt

'King' by Hamish Lloyd-Platt

‘Octopus’ by Michael Dixon

'Octopus' by Michael Dixon

‘Fly’ by Jo Stafford

'Fly' by Jo Stafford

‘Lilly’ by Jen Jones

'Lilly' by Jen Jones

Plush woman by Beth Dawson

Plush woman by Beth Dawson

‘Bird’ by Zoe Sawyer

'Bird' by Zoe Sawyer

‘Lilly White Legs’ by Lianne

'Lilly White Legs' by Lianne

Giraffe by Donna Walker

Giraffe by Donna Walker

‘Floppy Drunks friend’ by Lil Adams

'Floppy Drunks Friend' by Lil Adams

‘Floppy Drunk’ by Lil Adams

'Floppy Drunk' by Lil Adams

‘Frank’ by Sarah Barrett

'Frank' by Sarah Barrett

Setting up for Situation Leeds

17 May

I have curated an exhibition of the creations from the last workshop in theartmarket. If anyone reading this made work in the last workshop for Ladyfest, please come down and see your work being exhibited. I am also providing information for the workshops that are coming up. Here is a small sneak preview of the exhibitions happening in the main unit of thartmarket for Situation Leeds:



Motley crew

A collaboration between myself and Sarah Barrett is on display and ready for use, called ‘Archive: Leeds’. It contains information about the use of venues and spaces in Leeds for art activity and is available for anyone to use. Please click the link for more information about the project.

We shall be using a spacious unit in the Merrion Centre that theartmarket have name ‘Corner in the market 1’ for the workshops. It is currently in use as an artists studio where Lil Adams and Joe Mawson are working on a project together. I am looking forward to making use of the extra space that this unit will provide.

I have been taking some close-up photographs of the individual creations that  I am going to put into a catalogue for the event.  If you want to see some of these images, click the Flickr link above on the left.

A cheeky note:  I have been asked to DJ for the Situation Leeds party on Friday night in the Faversham Conservatory and I am mega-excited!

Re-Toyed Trash workshops for Situation Leeds

9 May

Workshops poster with time

We have confirmed the following dates for workshops to be held at theartmarket as part of ‘a corner in the market’ for Situation Leeds 2007….

1st Workshop: Saturday 19th May 1-5pm

2nd Workshop: Tuesday 22nd May 1-5pm
with visiting artist Nicolar Bell

Plushies! These new workshops shall be focusing on using fabrics to make plush characters and creations. We shall be re-using unwanted fabrics, such as old clothes, bed sheets and offcuts. Obviously all fabric that we use will be clean, it will either have been discarded as clothing or unwanted as fabric. We want to help you give this fabric a new life in the form of your unique creation. As usual we will be providing all the equipment and materials that you need to make stuff, but if you want to bring along some fabric that you think is pretty tasty to work with, then please do so.

In the both workshops we will provide pens and paper for people to sketch out their designs prior to making a plushy.
In the second workshop, Nicolar Bell will have templates to enable anyone to make one of their own plush fox neck pieces, like the one below.

Fox plush

All things made in the workshop can be submitted to a final exhibition beginning Saurday 26th May and will be photographed to be included on the blog and in a publication of all works from all of our workshops.

For those of you who don’t know where TheArtMarket is, it’s in the Merrion Market, which is at the back of the Merrion Centre, which is the one with Morrisons in it, which is on Woodhouse Lane, which is a big road that leads up to the Uni.

Nicolar and I will be collaborating to produce some posters for these events, so watch this space for those.