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Saturday’s plush workshop

21 May

The workshop on Saturday was held in the ‘Corner of the market I’ unit in the Merrion Market, a large red unit just a tiny walk from theartmarket.

Corner in the market I

Saturday workshop

At the workshop we had lots of fabric for people to use, a sewing machine and other tools. The fabric I have been collecting over several months and comes from charity shops and unwanted clothing and scrap fabrics.


Here is Amy with the stitching that she did in the workshop. She said she might finish it at home or maybe bring it to the next workshop to finish it.

A happy Amy

This is Michael with his brilliant ‘Octopus’. I particularly like the shape of its block head.

Michael and 'Octopus'

Jen made a sock puppet called ‘Lilly’ with a pretty bow on top of her head.

Jen and 'Lilly'

Here’s Donna taking a break after a long day of her project ‘Swap Shop’.  She’s beginning work on a plush giraffe.

Donna starting her giraffe

Everyone, apart from Zo hand-stitched their work. We were suprised how quickly Zo managed to whip up a plush bird using the sewing machine.

Zo using the stuffing

Slug before stuffing

This was supposed to be a rat, but everyone said it looked a lot more like a slug. It really took shape after a bit of stuffing.

Slug with stuffing

Donna with giraffe

Brush resting

Zo put some googly eyes on a paint brush and we took photographs as though the brush was an artist at the workshop. I’m hoping to use these photos to create a short animation inviting people to the workshop and declaring that even brushes can join in.

The next workshop will be this Tuesday with Nicolar Bell and all creations shall be on display in an exhibition in theartmarket from Saturday 26th May.

Exhibition space ‘theartmarket’

29 Nov

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Location: ‘theartmarket’, the Merrion centre situated between the card shop and the coin/stamp shop.

I spent this morning checking out the exhibition space in the Merrion market and chatting to artist Zoe Sawyer about the dates and opening. It seems we can’t get into the space in time to clean up and prepare for the exhibition, but we can have the ‘Robot Making’ art workshop there because it doesn’t need to be too clean for that. I took lots of pictures of the inside because it is a real mess. The previous owner seem to have left in a hurry leaving much of his stock behind. I was thinking that these discarded videos, comics, postcards, army memorabilia and ornaments could be quite useful as materials for the workshop. I thought I could create a photomontage using all of the photos that I took of the interior and this will show the state it was in when we found it. But first I need to get some new posters made for the workshop and exhibition.