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LCAD prospectus 08/09

5 Sep

A photo of my degree show work is in the Leeds College of Art & Design 08/09 prospectus. Alongside work that had been made at previous workshops, I exhibited an interactive projection of this Re-Toyed Trash blog and had a workshop bench and materials for visitors to make their own toys with. In the prospectus image my coursemate Bav Shah is making a toy at the workshop bench during his invigilation of our Art & Design degree show.

Workshop in the exhibition

27 Jun

It’s the last day of the exhibition at Leeds college of Art & Design today. Yesterday, we had an impromptu workshop in the studio with some new creatures being made.

Workshop in the exhibition

Here’s Donna Walker’s completed Giraffe 2…

Donna and Giraffe 2

Bryony made a badge for her favourite module tutor, Bridget to give to her as a present.

Bryony with her Bridget badge

Sophie and her penguin (I need to find out what name she gave this one)…

Sophie with Penguin

Here’s Kelly Pollard’s toy. I like how she’s stitched her initials on the creature.

Kelly's toy

Helen Williams created an outfit for Lil’s ‘Floppy Drunks Friend’ toy.

A outfit for Floppy Drunk's friend

Bryony also made Kelly-Jelly fish

Bryony's Kelly-Jelly fish

Here’s Bav’s creation. Nice use of a zip for a mouth.

Bav's toy

And this cutie was made by Kate Harrison…

Kate's toy

On the Fence exhibition

26 Jun

The Re-Toyed Trash work is being exhibited as part of my final show at Leeds College of Art & Design. The exhibition ‘On the Fence’ will be on for the next few days until Wednesday. Now that the rain has stopped, you’ve got no excuse to not come down and check it out!

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I have already had some interest in my work with a few people wanting me to do workshops in various places, such as schools and at a design festival in London. This is all very exciting, and I shall write down the full details as soon as I know. I may also be creating a book for this project, which will be a fun project for the summer, so watch this space for information.