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New posters for the recent workshop creations

5 Jun

I have just been putting together this montage of toys from the Ladyfest Leeds workshop:


And here’s one for the plush toy workshops at Situation Leeds 2006:


Plush toy exhibition

30 May

All the completed plush toys made at the workshops during Situation Leeds are in an exhibition in the Merrion Market. Here they are….

Montage-of-plush toy exhibition

‘Maisy’ by Sophie Strong

'Maisy' by Sophie Strong

‘Dave the rave tape mouse’ by Gemma Fozzard

'Dave' by Gemma Fozzard

‘Marky Marky’ by Mark Pembrey

'Marky Mark' by Mark Pembrey

‘Carl’ by Gemma Fozzard

'Carl' by Gemma Fozzard

‘Handy’ by Alicia

'Handy' by Alicia

‘Love Slugrat’ by Alicia

'Love Slugrat' by Alicia

‘King’ by Hamish Lloyd-Platt

'King' by Hamish Lloyd-Platt

‘Octopus’ by Michael Dixon

'Octopus' by Michael Dixon

‘Fly’ by Jo Stafford

'Fly' by Jo Stafford

‘Lilly’ by Jen Jones

'Lilly' by Jen Jones

Plush woman by Beth Dawson

Plush woman by Beth Dawson

‘Bird’ by Zoe Sawyer

'Bird' by Zoe Sawyer

‘Lilly White Legs’ by Lianne

'Lilly White Legs' by Lianne

Giraffe by Donna Walker

Giraffe by Donna Walker

‘Floppy Drunks friend’ by Lil Adams

'Floppy Drunks Friend' by Lil Adams

‘Floppy Drunk’ by Lil Adams

'Floppy Drunk' by Lil Adams

‘Frank’ by Sarah Barrett

'Frank' by Sarah Barrett

New Robot Making montage

4 Dec

Robot Making montage