Mixed up animals…

25 Feb

Lucy Bailey’s reconstructed soft toys on display at Here shop and Gallery. Lucy has picked apart the seems of wild animal soft toys to create new hybrids. Check out the panda parrot.


Check out Gammaraybots…

25 Feb


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Tom Torry’s Gammaraybots collection. He uses found objects to create these rather amazing little robots.

Workshop at Artgos

5 Jan

Nicolar Bell and I held a workshop for the last day of Artgos on Saturday 15th December at theartmarket.

Artgos was a collaboration between Artsparkle and theartmarket and sold work by big name artists alongside fresh talent working with multiples.

With templates, visitors could make their own soft multiples, or choose to customise our patterns to make something a bit different. We used recycled and donated fabrics in our workshop.


Sew good!

Sewing workshop

Bright pink arm


Myspace update

15 Nov

I realised I hadn’t used my Myspace account in a long time, so I decided to log on, catch up with some friends and update the page. Go here, and add us! I think it looks a lot better now.

Next steps: I’ve kept some of the creations from previous workshops to take them out for a photoshoot soon. This is to prepare for a book that I want to make about project. My plan is to get them photographed and sent back to their makers before Christmas, I feel like I’ve had them for far too long already.

I’m also planning to have another workshop in December. More details to follow.

Partake workshop

7 Nov

I was invited by Partake to do a workshop at Wakefield College on 10th October for the Cathedral launch event. My workshop was a part of an open day for the college’s pupils to try out different act activities, also an initiative to help artists work in schools. Other workshops at the event included origami, animation, architecture with sweets and bracelet making.

Artist Nicolar Bell joined me for the workshop. Together we made templates for finger puppets, plush toys and cardboard robots so that the children had a range of characters to choose between. All of the children were able to take away their own creations when they were finished. Bunnies and octopuses proved to be very popular choices, as did the cardboard robots. It was interesting to bring the workshop to this new environment after a summer of workshops at different festivals. This time around, there was no straw to bring home in the luggage mixed in with the fabric.


Spotty bunny

Purple octopus fingerpuppet

Trinity3 exhibition photos

26 Aug

There’s just one day left to catch the ‘Trinity3’ exhibition at Holy Trinity Church, and that’s tomorrow: bank holiday Monday 27th August. Here’s some photos from the exhibition…


I had never seen the space in the church being utilised in this way before with a projector screen hanging between two pillars and a sound installation on the central walkway.

My Re-Toyed Trash installation had a mixture of creations from the workshops and a workshop bench for people to work on. I was pleased to find that a few people were bringing in their own materials to leave for other people to work with in the workshops. Kate left us some brilliant shimmery fabric that she said would not use. Thanks Kate.

Re-Toyed Trash installation

I was also exhibiting ‘Leeds Degree Shows Adventure’, a photography project collaboration with Joe Mawson. This project documents my journey around the recent Leeds Fine Art degree shows. The photographs explore my own interaction with other graduate’s work. Playfully negotiating ideas around Authorship, an Artists’ Ego, Art Education and Artwork-as-backdrop it relates to my own position as a recent Artist Graduate.


My 'Leeds Degree Shows Adventure' project installed

Bav Shah’s knitted rubber work was also exhibited at ‘Trinity3’. This is his large piece that can be used as a sarong or a hammock, hanging in front of one of the stained glass windows.

Bav Shah's 'Rubber Soul'


15 Aug

The ‘Trinity3’ exhibition begins this Monday 20th August 6 – 8 pm at the Holy Trinity church, on Boar Lane. I shall be there for the opening night and for a workshop held during the exhibition…

Workshop: Saturday 25th August 10 – 4 pm


I shall also be exhibiting a photography project, called ‘Leeds Degree Shows Adventure’, but it’s a bit of a secret, so you’ll have to come down and check it out.