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theartmarket venue ‘Before’ photos

2 Dec

BEFORE opening 1
BEFORE opening 2
Newly opening art gallery/shop in the Merrion centre market. This is the interior of the as it was found and I was quite suprising by how much stock had been left by the previous owner. This stock will have to be cleared out before the opening of the exhibition. We tried to make the most of it by using it to make Robots in the workshop. See the next photos.

‘theartmarket’ is going to be run by the artists Zoe Sawyer and Anna Tonks and they plan to have regular exhibitions here.


Exhibition space ‘theartmarket’

29 Nov

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Location: ‘theartmarket’, the Merrion centre situated between the card shop and the coin/stamp shop.

I spent this morning checking out the exhibition space in the Merrion market and chatting to artist Zoe Sawyer about the dates and opening. It seems we can’t get into the space in time to clean up and prepare for the exhibition, but we can have the ‘Robot Making’ art workshop there because it doesn’t need to be too clean for that. I took lots of pictures of the inside because it is a real mess. The previous owner seem to have left in a hurry leaving much of his stock behind. I was thinking that these discarded videos, comics, postcards, army memorabilia and ornaments could be quite useful as materials for the workshop. I thought I could create a photomontage using all of the photos that I took of the interior and this will show the state it was in when we found it. But first I need to get some new posters made for the workshop and exhibition.