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9 Jan

This blog documents previous Re-Toyed Trash workshops and activities between 2006-2008.  I hope you enjoy reading it.

To find out what I am currently up to have a look at my blog here:


Lovebox festival

18 Jul

I’ll be at Lovebox festival this weekend in Victoria Park, London doing workshops in the Folksy tent.  I can’t contain my excitement, yeep!

Myspace update

15 Nov

I realised I hadn’t used my Myspace account in a long time, so I decided to log on, catch up with some friends and update the page. Go here, and add us! I think it looks a lot better now.

Next steps: I’ve kept some of the creations from previous workshops to take them out for a photoshoot soon. This is to prepare for a book that I want to make about project. My plan is to get them photographed and sent back to their makers before Christmas, I feel like I’ve had them for far too long already.

I’m also planning to have another workshop in December. More details to follow.


9 Jul

What have I been up to?

Helping to clear out theartmarket ready for a new exhibition and creating a new blog for theartmarket’s kunstfreunds:

This new blog includes posters from all our previous workshops at theartmarket and some photos of workshop activity.

After hearing that we can’t use super glue or real needles to sew with in the kids tent, I’ve thought of some alternatives that are kiddie-friendly. I’m about to hop into town to buy some glitter glue sticks (for a cool melt glue gun), some more googly eyes and some plastic needles ready for the Moor Music festival next weekend: 20th-21st July. I also need to make a sign for the kids tent. I’m thinking: scrap fabrics, flag stylee.

All of the toys have been made recently have been put into storage and will soon be professionally photographed so that they can look super cool in our Re-Toyed Trash book. I am hoping to be printing this before the end of the year. Some of them will be on show in the Holy Trinity Church in August, so watch out for them.

New workshops

31 May


I have been contacted by Manifesta who were a part of Ladyfest Leeds to see if I would like to do a workshop for an upcoming event at the Commonplace. This event on Tuesday 26th June is set to be full of fun activities and musical delights. It will feature the fantastic Kimya Dawson (of Moldy Peaches) from the US. The day will be 5 – 9.30pm and will be kid-friendly and so open for the whole family to join in. It’s a day not to miss.

Also, I’m having a meeting on Saturday with a lady who is running the kids tent at the Moor Music Festival 2007 (20th – 21st July) because she is interested in having some Re-Toyed Trash workshops running for the festival. I have not yet been to the Moor Music Festival, but I have heard many good things from friends about it so I’m really excited. Anna Tonks from theartmarket will be helping too.picture-6.png

Next workshop @ Ladyfest Leeds

29 Mar


The ‘Re-Toyed Trash’ workshop shall be returning to The Art Market for the Ladyfest Leeds festival on: Saturday 14th April 2007 between 1 – 5 pm. There are going to be many artists/workshop helpers taking part in this workshop so it is set to be lots of fun. We are very proud to be a part of this festival and we are in preparations for this next workshop, with big smiles on our faces. So bring along some junk and we’ll help make some more crazy sculptures. We welcome both men and women, girls and boys to our workshops (so don’t be afraid of the title of the festival), whoever you are if you are willing to get involved and glue some things together then this is for you.

The Art Market will also be holding a ‘Stitch n Bitch‘ on Wednesday 11th April between 1 – 5 pm, so if you fancy a natter and a knit (or some sewing) then come on down and join us.


5 Feb

Hooray indeed, we have been accepted to do some workshops for Ladyfest Leeds this year. We just need to confirm the dates and we’ll be away. So be expecting to see more Monster, Robot, Duck, Doll, Alien and whatever else can be created from found stuff, from us at the workshop.

Also, theartmarket might be hosting other activities for Ladyfest Leeds, such as other workshops and fundraisers. Watch this space for news…..