9 Jul

What have I been up to?

Helping to clear out theartmarket ready for a new exhibition and creating a new blog for theartmarket’s kunstfreunds: kunstfreund.wordpress.com

This new blog includes posters from all our previous workshops at theartmarket and some photos of workshop activity.

After hearing that we can’t use super glue or real needles to sew with in the kids tent, I’ve thought of some alternatives that are kiddie-friendly. I’m about to hop into town to buy some glitter glue sticks (for a cool melt glue gun), some more googly eyes and some plastic needles ready for the Moor Music festival next weekend: 20th-21st July. I also need to make a sign for the kids tent. I’m thinking: scrap fabrics, flag stylee.

All of the toys have been made recently have been put into storage and will soon be professionally photographed so that they can look super cool in our Re-Toyed Trash book. I am hoping to be printing this before the end of the year. Some of them will be on show in the Holy Trinity Church in August, so watch out for them.


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