Saturday Art Club @ Fab Cafe

18 Nov

First Workshop

I have organised an art making workshop at the Fab Cafe in Leeds. The first session is tomorrow (Saturday 18th November 2006) and the theme is Monsters and if it’s successful, I hope to have a different workshop fortnightly. I thought Fab Cafe would be a good venue with it’s wide selection of sci-fi and cult television memorabilia, including a life-sized darlek and King Kong as well as a number of old school toys in glass cases, which could be great inspiration for making toys. It also provides a sociable space and sells drinks.

I have organised an art making workshop at the Fab Cafe in Leeds. This workshop is a result of a collaboration between the artist Dan Walls and myself. Dan creates small toy sculptures using found materials and things that would otherwise be waste. He shall be showing examples of his creations at the workshop and giving any help and advice to those who need it.

I created these posters to advertise the workshop and have put them up around Leeds. I wouldn’t say I was a graphic artist, but these posters hopefully reflect the D.I.Y. sense of the workshop. I had an idea that for each workshop there would be a different poster with an illustration of the new theme. This time it’s monsters, with one attacking the Merrion Centre building. The next poster shall feature an attack by robots .
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As well as putting these posters up around Leeds in various places, I have created a myspace account to spread the word.
Go check out the myspace page for news of the next workshop and to post your comments.

Alternatively email:


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